General conditions online tickets KDB VZW

Art.1 The use of the website allows the customer, within the availability of articles and the restrictions determined by the organization, to reserve one or more articles for the offered events on the website and the receipt of these.

Art.2 The website allows the customer to reserve one or more places until the date determined by the organization or until the available quantity is exhausted.

Art.3 Except in the case of expressly contradictory notices, the reservation of places implies the acceptance of these general terms and conditions by the customer.

Art.4 The administrator of the website aims to prevent all possible forms of impeachment, deception and fraud, as well as to avoid any discrimination in connection with the access and use of the website. Taking this into account, the organization and the administrator decline any responsibility if the customer does not make the payment, or if the customer provides incorrect data at the time of booking one or more places.

Art.5 The customer is, in any case, responsible for the execution of the payment and the data associated with it.

Art.6 The price stated on the website in the final settlement includes all duties and taxes. The customer must transfer this to the organization via the options offered during the order process, and this at the latest within 7 (seven) days following the delivery of the ticket(s)(s).

Art.7 At the latest within 7 working days after receipt of payment, the customer will receive the tickets via a link sent by e-mail. The customer is expected to print these tickets and keep them with due care. On request, he must present these at the event.

Art 8. Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Art.9 By reserving places via the website and the data that the customer hereby transfers to the administrator and the organization, these can be used by the administrator or the organization for the sole purpose of informing the customer setting new events. The customer may at any time on simple request waive this benefit and/or view and, if desired, improve his data.

Art.10 If one of the General Terms and Conditions should prove to be invalid or partially unenforceable, the remaining General Terms and Conditions will not be affected by this and will retain their full effect minus the disputed clauses insofar as this is possible.

Art.11 Any complaints must be sent by registered mail to the address of the organization stated in Art. within 3 (three) days following the visit to the website. 13 and must have sufficient motivation.

Art.12 In the event of a dispute, only the Commercial Court in Ghent is competent, with proceedings in the Dutch language and only Belgian law is applicable.

Art.13 The organization behind this website is KDB VZW (BE0635992079)

Art. 14 Each e-ticket has a unique bar or QR code, and allows access for only one person per event. Only the person who uses his ticket first will be

admitted to the event. The purchaser is responsible for the use of the e-ticket.

Never buy a ticket from a stranger, you have no guarantee of validity.

Art. 15 A valid proof of identity of the purchaser must always be presented upon inquiry and inspection. This e-ticket is only valid for the venue, event, date and time stated on the ticket.

Art. 16 KDB VZW declines any responsibility in the event of loss, theft or possible misuse of this ticket.

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